Read testimonials from past attendees of Nourish on their experience.

This event is an amazing opportunity to connect with like-minded women and learn more ways to nourish our bodies, minds, and spirits. Thank you for bringing this to Indianapolis!” – HD

The event was great & well organized but there is a lot of work that goes on during the year leading up to this conference. These doctors are dedicated to their profession & bringing awareness to their situation and support for the licensure of Naturopathic Doctors in Indiana. This year the conference was well attended, the tickets being sold out! I expect next year it will be at the top of more women’s ‘must attend’ list.” -LT

This was a fantastic event. Very well organized and informational as well as motivational.” – TD

Nourish Indy was jammed packed with information. I gained so much more knowledge about Naturopathy, Herbs, Safer Skincare and underlining gut issues. I will definitely be there next year! Thank you for an awesome conference.

This was my first time at the Nourish event. I brought my sister along, and we learned so much throughout the day. It was a wonderful experience with like-minded people. It was a wonderful way to take a day for ourselves away from our little ones and learn more!” – JF

My first time for this event. Enjoyed all the speakers and enjoyed the breakout sessions. Lunch was great. I would most definitely come back next year and invite a friend.” – Jo

Excellent!! Looking forward to be there again next year.” – A.R.

A very uplifting and inspirational day! Certainly well worth the attendance fee. Everyone comes away with such valuable information and great swag bags!”

My first NOURISH Women’s Conference exceeded my expectations. I left with an abundance of useful and very motivating information from the guest speakers. I hope that next year there are even more vendors with useful products and information to share. Venue could not have been better, either. Huge shout out to Core Life Eatery for serving an incredible lunch. I hope they return next year!” – L.D.

So much good information! Great speakers and great break out sessions. Also a lot of goodies to try in the gift bag. Cannot wait for next year!

This conference is AMAZING!! Learning to take one step at a time with the right tools can really make a difference in your overall health!” – SP

I absolutely enjoyed the conference. A lot of good information was shared. It was nice to meet other women that want to take the holistic approach when it comes to their health.

The knowledge and support that is shared is very valuable and inspiring. My hope is that Indiana gets on-board and provides licensure soon.

This conference was “wellness heaven.” The samples and goodies you receive in the tote bag are worth the cost to go, let alone hearing from top experts in the field and learning about healthy businesses all over the area. Highly recommend going if you are interested in health & wellness. – LR

Really thankful for this conference. I have never been to a naturopathic physician, but just made my first appointment! Very excited to take more charge of my body and health.” – Sol

This conference was fabulous! I learned a lot from all the talks and from all the vendors. Would highly recommend this conference to anyone, including men! Thanks for a great event!” – TS

I appreciated the variety of high quality vendors and the intent of the event from your group. Quality people out working to help others.” – GK

Community coming together. I loved this conference.” – MS

What an amazing conference! Engaging and eye-opening presentations along with wonderful vendors and demonstrations and a “nourishing” vibe! I learned so much during Nourish 2018 and am looking forward to attending again in the future and supporting INANP.” – NT