Dr. Trevor CatesDr. Trevor Cates

Dr. Trevor Cates received her medical degree from the National University of Natural Medicine and was the first woman licensed as a naturopathic doctor in the state of California. She was appointed by former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to California’s Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine Advisory Council and served on the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians’ board. Dr. Cates was the Naturopathic Physician for the Waldorf Astoria Park City, where she created wellness programs for the spa, and where she started to focus on skin. This is what led her to create The Spa Dr. line of natural skincare products and write the USA Today and Amazon bestselling book Clean Skin From Within. Dr. Cates has been featured on various TV shows, including The Doctors and Extra TV,  and she is host of The Spa Dr. weekly podcast and the PBS special, Younger Skin From Within. For more information visit www.thespadr.com

Self-care is often the last thing women prioritize, but it is one of the most important aspects of a woman’s well-being. As women, we often put other people’s needs first – our children, spouses, parents, clients, and even pets. But, if you’re not taking care of yourself, you won’t be able to fully show up for others. Remember that you deserve nurturing too. In this talk, Dr. Trevor Cates author of the bestselling book Clean Skin From Within, shares the most essential self-care practices. From mindset and movement to food and skin care, you’ll learn how to incorporate specific self-care into your daily life and how to identify when it’s working. Not only will excellent self-care practices put you in a more positive mood today, it will help protect your health for years to come.

Talk Description: Health Care Starts with Self-Care

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Emily Moore, ND, L.Ac., FABNO<Emily Moore, ND, L.Ac., FABNO

Emily Moore, ND, L.Ac., FABNO, contributes to the integrative treatment of patients using natural therapies to promote wellness, increase efficacy and reduce side effects of conventional cancer treatments. Dr. Moore is manager of the Integrative Care Department at the Goshen Center for Cancer Care, where she coordinates programs involving naturopathic physicians, dietitians and mind-body counselors. She also takes a special interest in cancer survivorship.

Dr. Moore graduated from Bastyr University in Seattle with a doctorate degree in naturopathic medicine and a master’s degree in acupuncture. Following a two-year residency at the Goshen Center for Cancer Care, she became board-certified in naturopathic oncology. As a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) in the state of Indiana, Dr. Moore brings this modality to patients at the Center for Cancer Care. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recognizes its efficacy in treating a number of health conditions. Patients find acupuncture to be useful in treating cancer-related health issues, as well as a number of conditions, including arthritis, neuropathy, hot flashes, insomnia and digestive complaints.

Talk Description: The Role of the Microbiome in Health and Wellness

Molly Harmon, NDMolly Harmon, ND

Raised in Winona Lake, Indiana, Dr. Harmon found a passion for people and medicine.

Dr. Harmon attended medical school at the National University of Health Sciences, in Lombard, Illinois, where she was trained in primary care and graduated with her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. She is extensively trained in botanical medicine, homeopathy, human and nutritional biochemistry, oriental medicine, spinal manipulation and pharmacology.

Practicing naturopathic medicine allows Dr. Harmon to investigate and treat the root cause of disease, to look at the patient as a human being and treat them as a whole.

“I want to restore function, not replace it. The word “docere” in naturopathic Medicine translates to “doctor as teacher” and I want to empower my patients to take back their health by giving them the tools to do so.”

She is committed to her community and excited to bring naturopathic care to Fort Wayne. Dr. Harmon works at Crossroads Wellness Center and resides in Fort Wayne with her husband, Jake and dog, Frank. They enjoy spending time with family and friends and enjoy being outdoors.

Crossroads Wellness Center

Talk Description: Thyroid – Adrenal – Ovarian Triangle: Complexity and Cooperation in Women’s Health


BreAnna M. Guan, NDBreAnna M. Guan, ND

Dr. Guan is passionate about helping people achieve outstanding health and is committed to transforming healthcare so that disease is no longer the majority and the focus is shifted towards enhancing and creating health for all people and the planet. Her wellness based practice is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Guan has a special love for working with women through their life cycles from menstruation to menopause and all that’s in between.

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Dr. Katelin Parkinson, NDKatelin Parkinson, ND

Dr. Katelin Parkinson, ND practices in Indianapolis, Indiana. She has a special passion for women’s health and has pursued additional training as a fertility awareness based method educator. She is passionate about proactive, preventative wellness and believes that integrative healthcare is the future. It is important to her that the women she works with feel involved, educated, and empowered with regards to their health and wellness goals. She utilizes a multitude of naturopathic modalities in her wellness practice, helping women with a variety of health concerns including hormonal imbalances, menstrual disorders, thyroid concerns, digestive health, stress management, mental health, sleep issues, fertility and pregnancy care. In addition, she teaches women to chart their menstrual cycles to monitor their reproductive health and fertility.

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Deb Lightstone, NDDeb Lightstone, ND

Prior to attending Naturopathic College, Dr. Deborah Lightstone obtained an Honors degree in Nutritional Sciences from the department of Human Biology and Nutrition at the University of Guelph, Ontario. She attended the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and did her internship at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic and the Parkdale Community Health Center in Toronto, Ontario. She obtained her license to practice Naturopathic Medicine from the Province of Ontario.

Dr. Lightstone is passionate about food and nutrition, the importance of educating and empowering patients about health and wellness and encouraging patients to take an active role in their own health care. She has been practicing in the West Lafayette/Lafayette area since 2004.

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Amy Tweedle, NDAmy Tweedle, ND

Amy Tweedle ND practices in Carmel, Indiana. Dr. Amy graduated from The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Canada. She owned and operated a clinic, called Naturopathic Roots in Brantford Ontario before relocating to Noblesville, Indiana. She is currently licensed by the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts.

Dr. Amy continues to be a lifelong learner and teacher. Her commitment is to constantly evaluate new theories, research and approaches in medicine while still respecting the power of traditional natural healing. She is eager to show people how naturopathic medicine can improve their health and wellness. Her favorite modalities include nutrition, herbal medicine and homeopathic drainage. She has additional training in Bowen technique. Dr. Amy is currently a member of The Institute for Functional Medicine.

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